We can register most domains. Here is a list of the most common requests. If the extension you require isn't listed then let us know & we will give the individual costings via email.

Extension Price Including All Fees - CLICK HERE FOR CURRENCY CONVERTER

com £40.00 for 2 years

co.uk £20.00 for 2 years

net £40.00 for 2 years

org.uk £20.00 for 2 years

org £40.00 for 2 years

ltd.uk £20.00 for 2 years

plc.uk £20.00 for 2 years

uk.com £70.00 for 2 years

ac.uk £130.00 for 2 years

uk.net £70.00 for 2 years

gov.uk £130.00 for 2 years

gb.com £90.00 for 2 years

gb.net £90.00 for 2 years

tv £100.00 for 2 years

eu.com £90.00 for 2 years

music domains £60.00 for 2 years (.uk.mu, eu.mu, etc)

We can also do .ie, .it etc

You are now able to order your .info names for £40

.biz names will be available Nov or Dec 2001.

Hosting your website

£60 per annum for 10MB
£90 per annum for 20MB
£120 per annum for 50MB

Specific requirements quoted upon request. Secure Server space and Security Certificates available.

We are independently tested on a daily basis and are consistently in the top of the performance listings of all the major ISP hosting companies in the UK.

Does your website need a rebuild?

Why not speak to the professionals. We have built over 100 custom made websites for companies both small and large. Please check out our portfolio. If you want a free quotation please enquire with your requirements. Due to the individual nature of our websites most of our clients prefer to discuss their requirements by telephone, if so please include a contact phone number in your enquiry and we will contact you shortly.

Does your website generate the results you would like?

Do you need help to market your website more effectively? Are Search Engines and Directories driving traffic to your site? Email us for your free review of your site effectiveness. Please include the relevant domain names.

Resellers Welcome.

ColdFusion £40.00 per domain.
•Additional Databases £30 per year.
Front Page £30 per domain.
•Web site statistics cost an extra £20.00 per account.
CGI Bin on NT Platform is available for professionally written and tested software only.
All of the above prices are subject to UK VAT if purchased from the UK
Payment by Cheque, Cash or Credit Transfer.